DJ Adventune

DJ Adventune is an American YouTube musician who is very new to the musical talents of YouTube, meaning his music isn't good, but good enough for the Demolition Studios taste. Almost all of his music is based off of other music done by much better artists, and then he takes them, cuts out the audio, and swaps out the instruments for something he likes to call "Instrumental Swap."

History With Demolition Studios

DJ Adventune was brought into Demolition Studios some time in June. His talent for music wasn't very good at the time, but the members of Demolition Studios insisted they hire him.


"Music Is A Key To The Soul, As Love Is A Key To The Heart."
"Peace Solved More Than Violence."
"If Any Sound Can Be Made Into A Beat, Nonetheless A Song, That Really Does Mean A World Without Music Isn't A World Worth Living In."

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