Demolisher 828

Demolisher was born in the United States. He's desribed as white, tall, and fit, despite also being described as "under-weight." He is primarily English, but can speak a little Spanish.

Life On YouTube

His first idea for a channel name was actually quite different than what he had intended. The original channel name was "The Anger Manager," but he later got rid of it, after realizing his well-known short temper and the name didn't make sense together. He would eventually decide on "Demolisher 828" because he "... thought it sounded cool."


"Just Because We're All Different, Doesn't Mean We Don't Have Similarities."
"A Weapon's Power Doesn't Come From Statistics, But Rather, Comes From How You Use It."
"People Ask Me How I Get Good At Video Games, The Answer Is Actually Quite Simple - I Just Stopped Being Bad."

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