Minecraft: Reconstruction

Minecraft: Recostruction is a series where Demolisher 828 rebuilds his first Minecraft world, L.I.J© (Copyrighted under ThatOneGuySteve16416's usage). This series IS nearing it's end, however, luckily, there are several other Minecraft-based series on the channe


Minecraft Survival Games (Upcoming)

In this series, Demolisher 828 will be traveling to the marvelous server of Lifeboat Survival Games to make an attempt to get YouTube Rank.

Minecraft Adventure Maps

In this series, Demolisher 828 will be checking out multiple Adventure Maps for multiple videos, whether or not this will actually become a daily thing, is unknown.

MineKart Games 3: Bedrock Edition (Temporarily Shut Down)

Because of the events of August 19th, the MineKart Games 3 has been shut down temporarily, as well as for maintenance. This is estimated to be one of the longest lasting series the channel will ever witness.

Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft Wiki

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