Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is the ultimate spin-off of every first-person shooter to ever exist. The series is dying on Demolisher 828's channel, and will be executed in what may appear to be mid-2019.

About The YouTube Series

Demolisher 828's (Being described as one of the greatest, most skillful Pixel Gun 3D YouTubers to ever exist) depart from Pixel Gun 3D will be heartbreaking to many of the true fans of the game. Until that day comes though, everyone can expect at least one Pixel Gun 3D video a week. There is an alternate thumbnail of Demolisher 828 holding a handgun over a red background. The reason why that thumbnail isn't here is because it is only used (Around) once every other month.

Pixel Gun 3D Wiki

Pixel Gun 3D Wiki

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